Little Scientist Magazine

Little Scientist Magazine is a magazine which aims to paint the brilliant young minds and leaders from schools in science and technology segment, ranging from 4th standard to 12th standard. Incredible ideas to solve real problems, we are facing either in our day-to-day lives or in a corporate environment, will be adhered here in this magazine and will be brought in national limelight.
The magazine will cover the latest happenings in scientific research & innovations around the world to keep these young minds update and will enrich their knowledge through various articles, interviews with research scholars, latest research papers in international school contest landscape and of course with various up to date news received from premier educational institutions.
 It also reserve a section for students, where they can share the challenges, they face in science labs or the shortfalls of those labs.
They can share the solutions also to address those challenges. ‚ÄčIn brief, the magazine not only provides them a platform to empower themselves, but also to express their opinions and ideas in addition.
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