Cloud Storage

Today’s ongoing and rapidly accelerating growth in enterprise data comes at the same time that companies of all sizes are focused on reducing costs. How can IT departments keep up with the volume of new enterprise data and flat capital budgets, yet continue to meet strict data protection and availability service levels?

These trends are encouraging IT professionals to consider new solutions to meet the growth and reduce the cost of their existing data protection infrastructures. As data protection systems consume large amounts of storage and often require long retention periods, cloud storage is an ideal solution due to its scalability, pay-for-use pricing, off-site data location and reduced administration requirements. Until recently, however, concerns around security, transmission speeds and the costs of storing large data set have been barriers to cloud storage adoption.

With us, get an always on and available wherever you have access to the internet, you can upload and download data using secure encryption, authentication and authorization practices.

With this you can :
  • Get your own separate NFS storage layer
  • Create virtual data storage instances that range from 200GB to 2TB
  • Mount multiple instances onto multiple virtual machines
  • Access OS agnostic storage space for your data
  • Enjoy high availability options